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Elixir Attar


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Today we are proud to present to you our leather oud composition for 2024. Thanaya, Arabic word for “folds” refer to the folds of leather, natural leather, the way it smells, the weird satisfaction one gets from this incredible olfactive experience.


The four main accords of the perfumes are oud (several types from India,  Papua,  Thailand,  Cambodia and more), Madagascan vanilla, castoreum, and roses. We used the Elixir Attar Rose blend with the 11 types of rose carefully blended to achieve a certain effect.

The accords are insanely well blended in Thanaya that it takes a very strongly experienced perfume aficionado to breakdown even these four main components from the total accord. Literally the sum of the parts created something absolutely new and yet so familiar.

A lot of times when we hear about leather compositions and smell them, we feel they are leathery, leather-like or suede like, this however is a continuation into our Elixir Attar tradition in which we seek to get to the absolute core of an olfactive concept.

In the case of Thanaya that is the absolute concept of how we interpret leather should smell like, not a leathery or semi- leathery perfume composition. It’s a bold composition and has a legendary performance. Please only buy it if you are willing to experience leather compositions.


Special features:

Usage of different 11 rose essences. (Taif, Indian, Bourbon, Edwardian, Rose De Mai, Bulgarian, Negev, Egyptian, Tunisian, White , French, CO2 Roses)

Usage of very rare honey extract (captive).

Usage of the rarest lavender on Earth, English lavender.


Surreal representation of leather oud compositions.


Olfactive Description

Bengali Oud , Cambodian Oud, Indian Oud, Thai Oud, Papuan Oud, Assamese Wild Oud, Madagascan Vanilla, Oakmoss, Castoreum, Jasmine grandiflorum,  Deer Musk, Jasmine Sambac, Calabrian Bergamot, Nutmeg, Lily, Patchouli, Ambergris, Siberian Deer musk, Amber, Hojari Frankincense, Saffron, Jasmine Sambac, Carrot seed, captive Honey extract, Rosewood, English Lavender, Spices, Leather, Japanese Hinoki, Almonds, Elixir Attar Rose Blend ( 11 rose essences)






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