Elixir Attar Perfumes

Elixir Attar Perfumes

Elixir Attar PerfumesElixir Attar PerfumesElixir Attar Perfumes

Handcrafted natural oil perfumes inspired by experiences from around the globe, and made with the highest quality materials.

About Us

About Us


We are a small team of noses , artists and chemists working with the finest ingredients on earth to bring you different sensational experiences from all corners of the globe.

Why attars/oil perfumes?


Attars are basically oil perfumes, the naming attars, however reflects the traditional practices of perfume making pertinent to the Middle East, India, and Persia.

Call them attars, call them perfume oils, its important how they smell!!

Attars differ from perfume oils in the fact that their production involves codistillation of ingredients that can produce molecular and rhizomic reactions that can affect the final product making the scent smoother or softer.

Our products are part attar( due to presence of rhizomes and molecularly distilled oils) and part oil perfumes, hence the name perfume attars.

Experience yourself


sample and you will be dazzled- olfactory nirvana is awaiting you.

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