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Elixir Attar

Spirit of the Hellenic Republic

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Spirit of the Hellenic Republic – a truly unique chypre perfume.

Imagine walking on a forgotten road on a Greek Island... It is just you and the picturesque landscape typical for the region.

The smells you are encountering include citruses, flowers, and, most importantly, mastic – the secret ingredient only found in Greece. Sometimes locals refer to mastic as the tears of gum trees. This is what makes this composition one-of-a-kind!

Combine the above with the classical French perfumery. Think of the times when French ladies and gentlemen usedperfumes that had REAL natural ingredients ranging from whale ambergris, oakmoss, and flowers. No synthetic substitutes were used in those good old days!

While contemporary French perfumes still serve as a benchmark for many perfumers, the charm of the past has been lost. This is why this attar seeks to honor the old convention of French perfumery. For its composition we have used oils that were used in traditional (vintage) French perfumes before synthetics became the standard in perfumery, French or otherwise.

All you need is one drop to embark upon an olfactory journey to breathtaking landscapes of the Greek islands.

Olfactory description:

Top notes:

bergamot, mandarin, tarragon, coriander, ginger

Middle notes:

jasmine, osmanthus, champaca, ylang ylang, rose de mai, Egyptian rose, Turkish rose, frangipani, jasmine sambac

Base notes:

mastic gum, fossilized amber, oakmoss, ambergris