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Elixir Attar

Poudre Bois D’Iris

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Poudre: Bois d’ Iris

One of our nectar precieux series for 2022, poudre: bois d’ iris, a heart full of iris and florals.

Poudre: bois d’ iris is our more aggressive take on iris, more than iris chypre, its how iris should smell in a perfect accord of florals. We can say that while iris chypre is the spicy floral citrus, poudre focuses on the powdery facets of iris, which we realized using specific irones which are insane to find nowadays, so costly that it make agarwood with all its grades look cheap in comparison, and the results will shock you, i can claim to say.

The notes in this one is absolutely guarded, ( think that it has captive notes) however, think about it this way, if you love iris, here is your iris holy grail, no more talk , this is a promise , thou shall be shocked in a beautiful way)