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Elixir Attar

Nha Trang Kinam Kodo

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The long awaited release of the year, Nha Trang Kinam Kodo.

After the crushing success of Kinam Kodo last year, immediately we jumped into the second project which is highlighting the rarest type of agarwood oil on Earth, long celebrated as the most Kinamic of them all, Nha Trang agarwood. 

First of all, we distilled the best incense and sinking Nha Trang agarwood pieces gathered over the years resulting in an amazing new generation agarwood oil. This distillation was going to be sold as an oil on the agarwood website Elixir Agarwood Science, but after the success of our Sinesis experiment with Kinam Kodo, we decided to turn it into a perfume. 

Second, we added our Swiss- Lab extracted chromones, directly resulting in the addition of a kinam agarwood smoke dimension to the perfume. (If you want to learn more about our exclusive chromone agarwood extract- please contact us directly as it is a highly scientific process that would be too boring to post on the page description)

Third, we added another 21 year old Nha Trang agarwood oil which has an amazing scent due to the ageing to counterbalance the new generation scent dimension with all the bitter medicinal kinamic vibes that you get from the old most expensive Nha Trang oud oils.

Finally, we aged it for a few months for you and produced it at a high concentration of making it extremely powerful for just a pure agarwood based perfume. 

We are going to say that Nha Trang Kinam Kodo is absolutely going to blow your mind away, pure kinam grade Nha Trang scent captured in a sprayable format for the first time ever. No additional notes, no crazy claims, nothing added to the exquisite agarwood to hide any other undesirable facets. Just pure incredible oud from the most desirable region of them all.