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Elixir Attar

Jardin De Versailles

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The Palace of Versailles is a grand and opulent estate known for its lavish architecture and exquisite gardens. Imagine walking through the majestic halls and expansive grounds of Versailles; the scent would be a complex and elegant symphony of aromas that echo its rich history.

As you step into the palace, you might detect the faint, polished wood scent of antique furniture and wooden paneling. The air is infused with the delicate fragrance of fresh flowers arranged in ornate vases, which might include roses, lilies, and other seasonal blooms.

In the grand halls, a subtle hint of incense or candle wax might linger, a nod to the history of the palace and the many events held there. The rich tapestries and velvet curtains add a touch of musky warmth to the atmosphere.

As you venture into the gardens, the crisp, earthy scent of manicured lawns and sculpted hedges surrounds you. The lush flower beds emit a vibrant, fresh aroma, with hints of jasmine, lavender, and orange blossoms wafting through the air.

Overall, the scent of Versailles would be a blend of timeless elegance, natural beauty, and a touch of history—a truly unforgettable olfactory experience.

Well, if only that was the story, simply…

Jardin De Versailles is an imagined symphony like a Balakirev musical masterpiece. Its a setting in which we fused different elements of history into an olfactory mosaic so complicated ,  unique, and above all, beautiful.

In our reimagined setting where the Palace of Versailles is transformed into a scene from 1001 Nights, the scent would be an exotic and enchanting blend of Eastern and Western influences, creating an atmosphere of magic and luxury.

As you enter the palace, the air is filled with the sweet, heady aroma of the highest caliber of Palawan Filipino oud. This rich scent intertwines with the warm, spicy notes of saffron and amber, casting an opulent and captivating ambiance.

The grand halls are adorned with silk drapes and intricate mosaics, infusing the space with a sensual blend of rose and jasmine. These floral notes evoke the lush, mystical gardens of a sultan's palace, enchanting your senses with their intoxicating fragrance.

In the private quarters, the scent of exotic spices such as cardamom, cinnamon, and cloves wafts through the air, creating an inviting warmth. The aroma of sweet dates and honey lingers from sumptuous feasts, adding a touch of sweetness to the atmosphere.

As you explore the gardens, you are greeted by the fresh, zesty notes of citrus trees mingling with the calming scent of lavender. Exotic blooms such as tuberose and ylang-ylang release their seductive perfumes, transporting you to a world of enchantment and wonder.

This 1001 Nights version of Versailles offers an olfactory journey through a world of opulence and mystique, where the scents of the East and West meld into a truly magical experience.


Special features: Filipino agarwood

Usage of Filipino agarwood smoke.

1001 nights re-imagined in French Versailles palace style.




Bergamot, Filipino agarwood, cinnamon




Jasmine, Rose, Lily of the valley




patchouli, amber, Filipino agarwood smoke, ambergris, musk