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Elixir Attar

Dark Matter

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Dark Matter, our absolute oud masterpiece of the year.


This represents our first perfume of the smoke series set to be seconded by our Kyara smoke perfume which is in the works now. This perfume is a symphony of dark notes for the lovers of extremely heavy oud based blends. This perfume also is more like an attar and has a very long life, it is a wintery perfume, but we felt it is the time to release it now because our travel plans may disrupt its release in early winter because of the other planned releases.


417 grams of materials was used for 1150 grams of a total perfume extrait, excluding the tinctures of Sultan Qaboos Kashmiri deer musk 6% , Celtic ambergris 5%, and 3% civet, and most importantly, fully sinking Nha Trang wild agarwood Smoke prepared by completely fumigating the alcohol with a generous dose of this wood, turning the alcohol into an amazing masterpiece of a smoke tincture. This means that this perfume is about 37% concentration, one of our highest ever.


The notable materials we used for this one are Taif rose macerated with Sultan Qaboos Kashmiri deer musk, jasmine grandiflorum CO2, yellow champaca essential oil (not absolute), French blackcurrant absolute, vintage Sultan Qaboos myrrh absolute, a wild incense grade Maroke oud, an amazing leathery Bengali oud, frankincense Vulcain (the absolute best material of smoke i ever came across), an amazing palm dates accord that we prepared from various roses and resins.


The olfactory notes for this one are;


Top Notes:


Saffron, cloves, cardamom, ginger, blackcurrant, Hojari frankincense, sichuan pepper, violet, Calabrian bergamot


Middle Notes


Taif Rose with musk, jasmine Sambac, jasmine grandiflorum CO2, red champaca, yellow champaca, honey, dates accord, lavender absolute, cananga flower


Base Notes


Benzoin, opoponax, styrax, labdanum, Bengali oud, Maroke oud, wild Nha Trang agarwood smoke tincture, mastic, sandalwood, vanilla, oakmoss, patchouli, castoreum


Enjoy the symphony)


This perfume is not repeatable and is not set for a second batch anytime soon.