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Elixir Attar

Ballad Hesperide

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Today we present to you one of our last two releases for 2023, which was a long and eventful year, and we saved the best for last.

We present to you our spiciest release of the year, and what a better way to spend the cold Christmas nights than surrounded by warm spicy notes.

Ballad Hesperide is Ballad No.2 meaning it was designed early on only to be released now after more than a year of aging. Hesperide deals with Hesperidia notes in perfumery which are the fruity elements of citrus fruits. Interesting notes indeed, and we promise you that with Ballad Hesperide you will experience the absolute best hesperidic notes in terms of originality and smell. 

This perfume opens with fruity agarwood ketones over a bed of the spiciest honey green-ish leather smells you can ever imagine. Name the spice its there, and not only common ones but more unheard of in perfumery. We can keep describing about the composition but we will choose this time to provide the olfactory pyramid as it is.


Olfactory Notes


Top Notes


Agarwood Ketones, mandarin, galbanum, pink pepper, fenugreek, black pepper


Middle Notes;


honey, Iris, jasmine grandiflorum, Chinese gardenia absolute, rose


Base Notes;


Galangal, sandalwood, patchouli, musk, oakmoss, tonka bean, musk, incense grade Maroke agarwood, ambergris, vetiver, cedarwood, castoreum


We will however tell you that this perfume is one of the most interesting and original compositions we ever did, the combinations are so uncommon yet they harmoniously blend with one another in the best of ways. We also procured for this composition very special agarwood ketones and a special extract of pyrogenic fenugreek that exalts of smokiness and complements the Maroke oud and the agarwood ketones perfectly. The fruity facets of mandarin are so magnified and weaved seamlessly with the agarwood leathery facets you have to smell it to believe it.

Disclaimer, DO NOT buy if you do not love highly spicy fragrances, but if you do, this will make it to the top of your list easily.