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Elixir Attar

Amber Brulee

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Today we are proud to present to you our smokiest amber composition, Amber Brûlée, meant burnt amber. To date, at Elixir Attar, we have never actually released a so called “amber” centric composition. Nahawand series were about ambergris and not the more commonly referred to as amber compositions. This is Ballad No.3, both Ballads 2 (Hesperide) and 3 were planned to be released together towards the end of the year, due to the close nature of both compositions being extremely spicy.

Amber in mainstream perfumery is a term that refers to vanilla sweet resinous notes and all modern ambers nowadays are extremely boring with all the synthetic based chemistry behind them. Real amber accords used to be created with tons of naturals with benzoin, labdanum, tolu and Peru balsams etc.

In this composition we build our amber accord around spice and smoke, our spices of choice is Sichuan pepper, pink pepper, black pepper, ginger and galbanum. We complemented those with an extremely complex amber accord that we built from scratch at Elixir Attar including extracts rarely used in perfumery like dragon blood extracts , pyrogenic frankincense and several ancient balsams on a bed of ambergris.

The overall experience is that of an extremely enticing smokey burnt amber that lingers for a very long time due to the abundance of resins.


We leave you with the olfactory pyramid.


Olfactory Pyramid


Top Notes


Sichuan Pepper, Pink Pepper, Galbanum, ginger, Mandarin


Middle Notes


Jasmine, peach, honey


Base Notes


Vetiver, fossilized amber, vanilla, labdanum, benzoin, ambergris, patchouli, musk, birch tar.


Disclaimer, DO NOT buy if you do not love highly spicy fragrances, but if you do, this will make it to the top of your list easily.