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Elixir Attar

Agar Fougere by

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Agar Fougere
Fougeres are generally fresh and sweet, giving their wearer a positive vibe, it is the lavender and the bergamot tonka interplay. The second fact about them also is that they are less explored than chypres.

Almost all perfumers approached and continue to approach chypre and iterate them, there are spicy chypres, musky ones, aldehydic, green, etc. However when it comes to fougeres, the story is different. Most perfumers avoid them for fear of losing too much materials in experimentation only to come up with a formula they think would be too simple and uninteresting. Thats where a lot of them got it wrong!!

Yes, fougeres can be repititive, but like there were great chypres, similarly so there were great fougeres, most notably Fougere Royale. The real challenge is how to turn a generic genre perfume into a very special composition!!
Our Agar Fougere is the first proper oud fougere combo done right, i don’t say this to undermine others who did it, but we have been developing the incense formula for this one for too long, just the right amount of oud, its like a phase diagram, a tiny percent up and the whole thing does down the tubes, just a tiny percent down and the oud wont be felt at all. At the RIGHT equilibrium, the incense is just exactly right. Piercing notes of bakhoor from Khao Yai and Thai oud profiles that bewitch the wearer , counterbalanced with the sweet notes of various lavenders , including notes of English lavender.

The result is a crazy experience, crazy because usually when sweetness is mixed with oud, it becomes a honey- like melange of resinous sweetness, in Agar Fougere, the result is the exact opposite, there is no amalgamation of scent, its like you are smelling the piercing bakhoor note AND the sweet freshness of the fougere simulaneously but not mixed. This is the wonder of this scent.
Olfactory description

Top notes:

Bergamot, basil, English lavender, cinnamon

Middle Notes

Geranium , rose, heliotrope


Tonka bean, vanilla, Khao Yai oud, Trat Oud, incense, civet, patchouli, oakmoss, vetiver, cedarwood
P.S. This is a hyperextrait, unheard of concentrations.