New Generation Agarwood Oils

Our collection of agarwood (oud) oils is a very limited one and this is because of our extreme standards to select oils for our customers. Any oud oil we put here was either distilled by us, or was vetted thoroughly via GCMS (Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry).

Our selection and distillation processes are based on our experience as perfumers and our background in chemistry. We see a lot of oud oils that are available nowadays which are too clean to call full oud oils (rich in terpenes, with lower sesquiterpene content), and so after careful consideration, we decided to offer some of our oils in this private section here which are going to be some of the best oud oils you will have tasted. 

The oils here differ from the ones in the Royal Agarwood section because the other ones are vintage oils which are also very good and properly vetted for claims about then, while here we are offering you either our own distillations or our new acquisitions from artisanal distillers of this precious wood.