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Elixir Attar

Bab Sharif

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Experience the exquisite allure of Jeddah's historic heart with "Bab Sharif," an enchanting fragrance born from the collaboration between the world-renowned perfume reviewer Mohammed Abu Hajar and the prestigious house of Elixir Attar. Inspired by the vibrant souks of Bab Sharif, this scent captures the essence of a bustling market where the air is thick with the rich aromas of agarwood, frankincense, and exotic spices.


Abu Hajar was born on the 7th of Muharram, or 7/1 according to the Hijri calendar, and this perfume commemorates his birth with the mirror Gregorian calendar date of July 1st.


**Top Notes:**

- A burst of zesty bergamot and spicy saffron instantly transports you to the lively streets, igniting the senses with a hint of intrigue and excitement.


Bergamot, saffron, cloves, pine, cardamom, pepper, cinammon



**Heart Notes:**

- The heart unfolds with the deep, smoky embrace of aged agarwood (oud) intertwined with the sacred, resinous scent of frankincense, creating a harmonious blend that speaks to tradition and timeless elegance.

- A touch of cinnamon and clove adds warmth and depth, evoking the comforting yet vibrant atmosphere of the spice markets.


Dates, frankincense, jasmine, osmanthus, Elixir Attar Rose Blend ( 13 rose essences)

(Taif, Indian, Bourbon, Edwardian, Rose De Mai, Bulgarian, Negev, Egyptian, Tunisian, White ,
French, CO2 Roses)


**Base Notes:**

- The fragrance settles into a luxurious base of creamy sandalwood , enriched with the sweet, balsamic nuances of amber, civet, and vanilla.

- A whisper of myrrh and musk lingers, leaving an unforgettable trail that echoes the soul of Bab Sharif.


Vintage Hindi Oud, civet, sandalwood, vintage Pursat Oud, musk, ambergris, benzoin, vanilla


"Bab Sharif" is more than just a perfume; it's an olfactory journey through the historic corridors of Jeddah, where ancient traditions meet modern sophistication. Whether worn for special occasions or to elevate everyday moments, this masterfully crafted fragrance embodies the spirit of a place where culture, commerce, and heritage converge. Indulge in the sensory tapestry of Bab Sharif and let its captivating aroma transport you to the heart of Jeddah.