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Elixir Attar

The Polyglot

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The Polyglot


We always had plans to release Russian leather style perfumes, but the idea never truly came to life because of our striving to produce the most realistic Russian leather accord.

Russian leather is about a synergy between birch Tar, citruses, musks, and woods, it is a very Russian thing. When we planned this our idea was how to make this a more Universal perfume. How to fuse different elements from Russia, India, Vietnam and France to make a perfume as such, hence the naming; Polyglot. A polyglot is a person with the ability to speak several languages at a high level of fluency. I can say that this perfume is our way of becoming polyglots for perfume.

The olfactory notes for this perfume are highly unusual in the sense that these things were rarely used together, and when they did, they never yielded a result that was satisfactory, at least according to what we have seen so far. The result we have reached thanks to God is extremely satisfactory and its such a nice synergy at the end, you will be the judge))


Olfactory Notes


Top Notes

Bergamot, Blackcurrant, violet, Raspberry, Pepper, Anise


Middle Notes

Heliotrope, jasmine grandiflorum, ylang ylang


Base Notes

Birch Tar, ambergris, castoreum, frankincense, opoponax, Vietnamese oud, tonka bean, oakmoss, labdanum, deer musk