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Elixir Attar

Narcissus Bouquet

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Narcissus Bouquet is one of our most unique offerings for those who enjoy the distinctive smell of this flower. Generally, narcissus-based perfumes are very rare and for a good reason. It is incredibly difficult to find real high-quality narcissus extract that would accurately mimic the smell of the actual flower. We are, therefore, proud to say that our attar includes a very rare extract from narcissus flowers! And it is not your usual white-floral attar.

In addition to the narcissus extract we have used gray ambergris and vintage Mysore sandalwood in the base to add another dimension to the scent and to balance out the florals.  

Though Narcissus is the centerpiece of this composition, it is meant to evoke a beautiful garden with other white florals enhanced by the presence of real musk, ambergris and resins.

Olfactory description


white florals, narcissus
musk, ambergris, resins