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Elixir Attar

Ghaliya 2023

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We are proud today to present to you our latest Ghaliya for the year 2023. It is a continuation of our very rich tradition of producing a Ghaliya type attar every year since 2016. This year, our Ghaliya - as always- is centered around deer musk and ambergris.  The fact that the Ghaliyas are based on musk and ambergris does not necessarily mean that they are boring or repetitive, although they could be, especially if the ingredients as well as the way they are treated is not changed.

For this year, we present to you a Ghaliya with totally additional new notes. We used really exciting materials looking for the utmost harmony and synergy in the blend. We do not follow the method of simply throwing in some expensive ingredients or “Sultan grade” and call them a Ghaliya- just for being there- but what we do, is we follow a very strict procedure to make sure that we are using materials in harmony, and blending things that go well together, and that is INCLUDING the expensive materials aforementioned. We did literally dozens of mini-scale experimental batches with these materials to get the “right” accords.

We used two of the most beautiful agarwood oils we came across during the last year and half or so, the first is Sarawak Imperiale from Jinkoh store, and the second is our very old Cambodian 1985, one of the special oils from the royal Omani reserves, which a very good number of our customers actually tried separately, commenting that it is one of the most beautiful agarwood oils they smelt, period.

We complemented the agarwood with a huge dose of Siberian deer musk for months during which our other ingredients were being cured separately. French Rose De Mai CO2 from the finest suppliers, macerated with white Celtic ambergris, as well as French jasmine CO2 laced with Tibetan spices, sandalwood absolute (extremely rare) fused with Mongolian deer musk exudate, cedarwood extracts, honeysuckle, Aglaia flower and a very central bakhoor note built from various resins and isolates.

The feel of this Ghaliya is similar to a very famous series of very expensive French agarwood attars that were produced for Omani royals in the 1980s and 1990s, mainly due to the use of the Cambodian 1985 oud oil and the resins, which were used in the same series of attars. Please note that this limited attar series was not - and continues not to be- the commercially available one, although some of them are actually being commercialized now in small numbers.

The main difference between our Ghaliya and those however, is the fact that we used real ambergris and musk and countless other aromatics of a much superior quality than used in those attars, whilst those other attars did contain real agarwood oils, they were full of synthetics, including but not limited to phthalates and very other harmful chemicals. Simply put, they had only good agarwood, and the rest of their formulation was very inferior and oddly enough used side to side with these exquisite agarwood oils. All that being said, these sell for 5000-20000 USD a bottle.

The fact that some attars were made exclusively for royals does not in any way mean that they are devoid of harmful synthetics, as these companies that used to produce them relied only on their blending expertise. On the contrary, the fact that they were not regulated means that they were able to use chemicals that were not used in any commercial fragrance available anywhere in the regulated markets in the world. To cut a long story short, this is your chance to smell a PROPER Ghaliya type perfume like those made for the royals.