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Elixir Attar

Ballad No. 1

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The long awaited Ballad No. 1 is here, one of my proudest perfumes for many reasons which i will try to share with all of you to the best of my abilities.

A perfect fusion between classical and orientals, we have succeeded to fuse a ridiculously complex accord of notes with musk, where deer musk is the star of the show. I always thought a lot of French old perfumers were great with musk before the advent of synthetic musks, however, I always thought too that their experimentation for the usage of animalics was extremely tamed, both due to their prohibitive costs at times and their very methodical and classic approaches at other times.

Ballad No.1 highlights a very complex accord of Lavender, deer musk, myrrh, resins and forest woods.

This perfumes has close to THREE HUNDRED ingredients all fusing seamlessly to bring to you a very pleasant olfactory experience that will literally blow your mind.

Initially, upon spraying, you will be blasted with the most complex deer musk accord , contrary to how perfumes usually act when animalics are present and their might show near the trail or at best be accessory to the show, here they are the prelude to the show, here the sweet, extremely well treated very high grade pods of various deer musks which were handpicked from dozens of pods for certain qualities and treated in various ways to extract their essences to form the center piece here.

The lavender here is not a fougere lavender, its an accord with various extremely high quality lavenders present among subtle citruses, ridiculously rare white florals, spicy woods, and musky resins, cedarwood and cedar-wood unheard of extracts.

The act of building an accord is about making a synergistic blend of various perfumery raw materials involved in the accord. The more materials you have, the more complex this process becomes because simply the combinations become increasingly more difficult  to balance, less probable to combine well, and less predictable in their potential interactions. In this case, thankfully we managed to do that to close to three hundred ingredients, just the amount of time it took was insane, I was dreaming about combinations and waking up in the middle of the night to try them , and this happened a lot until we got it just right.

The world welcomes Ballad No.1, which i am confident - God willing - that it will be something to be talked about.