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Elixir Attar

2024 subscription

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Our subscription for 2024 will witness the continuation of releasing several more perfumes of the smoke series with many more bold oud centric compositions that build on the huge success of Dark Matter and Kinam Kodo in 2023.

2023 had many classical perfumes, a lot of which were not oud-centric, this year however we are planning between 14-16 perfumes, several of which are very oud-heavy and more 30 mls are planned.

15 ml bottles - and some 30 ml releases- will have a new look which we have been working on for quite some time now as well. We are also planning several attars and not one but 2 Ghaliya compositions. In addition to the extra bespoke perfume for subscribers.

One important point to note is that our subscriptions in 2022, and 2023 and before were not limited in number, this year, our subscriptions are limited in number.

Finally, we will offer various subscription options, one which include collaborations with other brands and exclusive items at resellers as well as one based on size.

The following list includes most of the perfumes planned for this year ; this list is open to slight modification as 2024 unfolds.


1- 15 ml Phantom of the Opera (Assamese oud sweet smoke centric)- January

2- 15 ml Thanaya (oud centric)- February

3- 3 ml Ghaliya Au Ambre Miel - (semi solid Ghaliya type attar) - March

4- 30 ml UlanBaatar - (our eternal fougere tobacco ambergris centric)- March

5- 15 ml Jardin De Verasilles - (oud floral) - April

6- 15 ml Cosmic Warp - Dark Spicy oud- April

7- 30 ml Rosa Animalica- Animalic floral- May

8- 30 ml Positano- chypre fresh- June

9- 15 ml Nha Trang Kodo- Oud smoke- July

10- 3 ml Ghaliya 2024- Ghaliya attar- August

11- 30 ml Tareeq Al Hareer- Oud Ghaliya extrait- September

12- 15 ml Myrriental- Classic Oriental Floral spicy- October

13- 30 ml Salalah Noir- Frankincense Oud Smoke composition- November

14- 15 ml China Special- Chen Xiang (沉香)- our pinnacle Chinese oud composition- release date undecided yet.


Half subscription get half size of everything the full subscriber gets. For the bespoke perfume, full subscribers get 30 ml and half subscribers get 15 ml size.


30 ml is full size= 15 ml is half size,

if the perfume is released in 15 ml size, then half size is 7.5 ml.

3 ml attar is full size, 1.5 ml attar is half size.